Join the Sweet Designs Magazine Team!!

By Stephanie Lynn

Steph B., Site Model, Age 15

In addition to your application, please read the applicable section below and submit what is requested.

SD Writing Team

Sweet Designs is looking for committed writers of all ages with a passion for their topics and the writing skill to regularly submit fresh, interesting material to SD Magazine. By "regularly" we mean at least once a month.

Writers, please submit a writing sample - an article related to the topic area you'd like to be considered for. Either write something original which SDM can use in the near future, or else something you've already written for a web site or blog.

Choose from any of these topic areas:


Do you know fashion? Think you can write about the latest trends in apparel & style, hair & makeup? Or ... bust trends with your original fashion ideas? Offer tips & tricks, do's & don'ts? Feel free to include original photos and captions.


Perhaps your passion is to write about teen lifestyle issues. Family, school, dating, alcohol, cutting, self-esteem, getting ready for college, and so on.


You've seen our Sweet Advice column. What would you have said to these people? Please submit a sample of written advice you've given or would give to someone in a certain situation.


Does your talent lie in DIY? Projects, crafts, or fashions you create yourself and can show others how to make too? Send in a writing sample or project outline.

Or maybe you have your own idea what would make Sweet Designs Magazine one of the best stops on the web for teens today!

Non-writing positions:

Graphic Design Team

Please submit samples of your work - your original graphic design work: signs, banners, layouts, logos, web pages, and so on. Use Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Do not send work you jocked (stole) and changed a little.

Site Models

Many girls have asked about becoming a site model for Sweet Designs. I apologize in advance that we only need a very few. My sincere hope for everyone who applies is that they find the opportunity that's right for them. Please don't consider it as rejection if you are not selected. I encourage you to reapply at a later date if you remain interested.

To apply for consideration as a Sweet Designs site model, you need to supply a variety of good quality, not blurry, photos of yourself - at least 3 different outfits or settings. You may submit up to 12 photos. They should be taken with a fairly good quality digital camera. Do not use a cell phone camera. Feel free to express your creativity in terms of posing, dress, makeup, and backgrounds, but please exercise appropriate modesty.

If you are selected, I will contact you via e-mail or MySpace message. You will then need to submit by regular mail a signed Model Release. If you are under 18, it will need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Your personal information will not be posted online or shared with anyone at any time. To protect their privacy, our models are publicly known only by first name, last initial, age, and state name. (For example: Ashley C., age 15, from Minnesota.) You and your parents should read our strict privacy statement and may contact us with any questions.

Please Note:

Please note that serving with the Sweet Designs Creative Team is on a volunteer basis. SD Team members should not expect compensation for their service. If you complete at least one successful year of service with SD, submitting quality items for the magazine each month, upon request I will personally write a letter of recommendation usable for your college application process.

Sweet Designs Creative Team Application

First Name:
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State or Country:
Why do you want to be a part of the Sweet Designs Creative Team?
Why should I choose you for this position?
Are you willing and able to submit something at least once a month?
Which category are you applying for? (choose one at this time)
Submit a Sample Article:
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Comments & Questions:

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