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By Stephanie Lynn

School Related

Starting High School

Tomorrow I'm goin' to be a freshman. I'm a lil' nervous. I heard they beat up people for no reason. How could I make myself not as nervous?
Brianna, 14

Haha ... I remember freshman year (just last year). The nerves, the jitters, the excitement. Well, just be yourself. Have confidence in yourself that you can do this and can get through this day (and year) happy. Go to school with a POSITIVE attitude. And being with your friends won't hurt anything either!>=]]] Believe me, the hype they make about high school is not all real. It's NOT all it's cracked up to be. And I'd be VERY surprised if someone lays a FINGER on you for no apparent reason.

Being nervous is very normal for a teenager just starting high school. Don't worry so much about the rumors you hear, because - remember - rumors are rarely true at all. High school isn't that big of a deal when you get in there. It's new and exciting, so you're nervous. Just think about the good things. Don't worry so much about the bad. Think of it this way ... Teens all throughout this world have been through it and they're fine. If they can do it, so can you! ;)

Good Luck,
Mia C.

I was just a Freshman last year. I'm not sure how different your school and mine are, but I know that I was nervous too. None of my fears really came true. The truth is, if you don't bother anyone else then they shouldn't bother you ... unless you've done something to make them target you, which I doubt you will. I doubt that you'll get beat up or stuffed in a trash can or anything of that sort. The older kids do like to push the younger ones around - that's just how it works. I don't mean literally push, I mean it in sort of a figurative way. The older you are the more privileged you become. The most they'll do is pass you in the lunch line, make you move out of their way, pick on you for being a freshman, etc. You just kind of have to let it roll of your shoulders. What you have to keep in mind is that you'll get to pick on Freshmen when you aren't one anymore, haha. Good luck with everything, and let me know how it goes.

Everyone has some fear of starting at a new school, especially if there is a rumor or there is smearing. All you have to do is play it up; do not fear them. They just think they are big shots because they are older or in a higher grade than you. On the fact of having the fear for the new school: Everyone has that. I did when I went into different schools. (I move a lot.) But then I ended up making friends and ultimately loving it in a way. I still disliked school. It was just better because I had friends. I was still a non-conformist and people feared me. I loved it. Just be yourself like I was and you'll make it. :]

Freshman year will be alright. I was a freshman like you last year, and I was nervous and shy and way too scared to go the first day. I begged my mom to keep me home and homeschool me. High school really isn't that bad. Yeah, there are going to be some fights, and of course it's going to have its downfalls, but after you get over that it's kinda like middle school. Just be yourself and it will be the best years of your life. :D
Amber Nikole

She Beat Me Up? I Don't Think So

I was fighting a girl at my school. Now everyone is saying she beat me up. It's not true. I haven't returned to school yet to defend myself - my friend is defending me. What should I do when I return to school?
Ansari, 16

First off fighting is never the answer. It just gets you into a huge mess. When you come back to school, just ignore everyone. Give it time and it will pass.

Scared at School

Ok, I need advice. I hope you can help. Ok look, I go to middle school and I had to file for sexual harassment, and I am afraid that when he gets back from iss or oss he will jump me. Like lots of people hate me, and it's like I got choked in school the other day and I got in a fist fight in the same day, and people are spreading nasty rumors about me. What should I do?

Your best sources of help are quite near: your school guidance counselor, principal, a teacher you like and trust, and your parents. I know you may not want to talk to some of them, because you think kids will hate you even more if you do, but that's where your help and support is. I have a question for you - perhaps you can answer me. Have you and your parents talked about changing schools? Maybe you should consider it.
Stephanie Lynn

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